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Inspired By Labels is a family owned fashion business founded in 1997. The company profile consist of few fashion brands, the newest one is IBL concept store offering Affordable luxury clothing.

IBL was created with only one purpose, offering the best quality clothing at prices that will not broke your wallet. Inspired by the biggest names and brands in fashion industry we have started to produce collectable fashion pieces worn by celebrities, bloggers and catwalk shows. Every single piece in our collections is carefully researched and examined from our design team. Since its inception, IBL characterized its commitment of creating timeless pieces for the modern tastemakers, transforming classic wardrobe staples into luxurious must-have looks. Using only the finest fabrics, IBL has become a prime destination for those who share the brand’s commitments to stylistic integrity and quality without compromise.

Our aim is to reach the fashion conscious, smart, creative, confident and modern woman. A woman comfortable in all aspects of her being that feels free, adventurous, sweet, romantic and even for those who are tomboy. A woman who likes to keep busy and push life to its limits, with traveling, hanging out and everything in between. Today we draw, design, sew and buy for her, so we can offer her countless options only within our own collections and even if she takes her best pal at shopping, they will not come out looking at all alike.

BRITANY KOLEFF (Founder of Inspired By Labels)